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D or C

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Is it okay to instal san andreas in D not C? cause everytime i instal i in C it will not respond at the loading screen

Lol, D/C depends on how u classify them like u can name it x,y,z..tom,dick,harry,...1,2,3..etc.

Anyways i suggest u shud install it in any drive,except thhe one u have ur operating system installed...thats coz if anythin goes wrong with the pc and situation of formatting or so arises,u wont have to re-install the whole game<in such case take backup of "GTA San Andreas User Files" folder from my documents>....

Btw havent u start playin yet, i mean, never played on any other pc/console before?...if u havent,i assure u, u're gonna enjoy life from the moment u start playin it buddy.

"This is my 50th post..yeah it is..."

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