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Hitman the movie

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so, if i'm not mistaken, october 12 is going to be the official hitman movie release

i don't think its going to be that great, nothing has ever been great in the big screen coming out from a game, and it's also features a new actor, what do you guys think? here's a trailer

here's one from the hitman blood money if you never played any hitman games

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i don't think its going to be that great, nothing has ever been great in the big screen coming out from a game, and it's also features a new actor, what do you guys think? here's a trailer

That is true, but no matter what, as a true Hitman fan I'd still like to see the movie. Tho I'm just afraid that if the movie sucks it will make Hitman games look bad in the eyes of the people who haven't played Hitman yet.

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I don't think it will suck, I think it will be decent, but only just. I feel the guy isn't old enough to play 47, but he is a good actor IMO. 47 falling in love with a woman really isn't suitable at all, but the action will make up for that hopefully. I also don't like the film showing 47 shaving his head - when he was created, he was bald, he never had hair, so that is pretty poor. I won't see it in the cinema, but I definitely will get round to watching it.

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yeah, i still want to watch it because i want to see what the fuss is about, besides i played this game since hitman 2, and if they can make the movie right, it'll be one hell of a movie

they should've put patrick stewart in the movie(professor xavior-x men, the big bald guy captain whose name i always forgot-star trek) he look kinda like 47 and he is a professional actor. although he might look too old, but hey, it's hollywood :innocent:


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Movie looks alright. Agree with the fact that the guy looks too young to play 47, I was hoping for someone like Jason Statham? Looks like 47 at a young age. But whatever, guess I'll see it. I've played a couple of the Hitman games, bought Contracts recently, mistaking it for Blood Money but it was 10$ so it doesn't really matter. ^.^

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A young 47 isn't necessarily bad, the makers of the movie might want to establish his "back story". But Bruce Willis might be a more fitting choice.

And of course w/ a movie, you have the producer's interpretation of the original.

I thought the same thing. 47 and hair don't fit. He's just a clone, his genetics doesn't include hair.

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Sorry for bumping an old topic, but it has a purpose - Hitman has been getting shattering reviews from various websites, and it's due to come out in 9 days in England, and I think it came out today in America. Here's a link to the website I'm referring to:

Rotten Tomatoes

And here are some quotes from that page - a long list of quotes:

Hitman will satisfy only longings for tough-guy posturing, sadistic violence, blatant misogyny and incoherent plotting.
Hitman loses steam as we realize what is supposed to happen and we don't get enough bold surprises along the way.
Hitman is exactly the kind of movie you'd expect it to be. The bad kind.
At one point, the female lead says to our hero that she's "never felt so much indifference in her life." I knew exactly how she felt.
You know how people will sometimes describe a bad action movie as being like watching someone else play a video game? This one is so uninvolving that watching it is more like listening to someone reading out loud from the game's instruction manual.
Plays like a music video without the music, a spectacle of shiny weapons, spurting blood, and Jesus Christ poses that would have benefited from more overlaid songs and less blabber.
Abysmal in the extreme, Hitman is 100 minutes of soul-crushing nothingness.
Hitman has no more imagination than its title, which just as easily could have been The Bourne Idiocy or Mission: Possible and Boring.
A Bourne knock-off, and not a very good one at that.
The nefarious company he works for has etched a bar code tattoo on the back of his bald head, making him as easy to track as a tomato at Dominick's.

For more quotes and info, click the link. I will still get this on DVD, because I'm a loyal fan of Hitman, always have been, because it's such a brilliant series of games. I won't see it in the cinema though, I always planned on getting the DVD, that's it. The bump is also for your thoughts on the film if you've seen it.

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If they decided to have some stealth elements, it would be better, but they had absolutely none. I still haven't seen the film because it isn't out in the UK yet. This quote from another forum pretty much sums up how people feel about it. SPOILER WARNING:


1. We get to hear Diana's voice warning 47 about incoming trouble.

2. We get to see the cool Agency symbol on 47s computer

3. There's a scene where 47 poisons a man eating dinner. He gets sick and goes to the bathroom to throw up. 47 gets checked by the guards (no weapons found), grabs his hidden gun, shoots the guard inside the bathroom watching over the man, then kills off the man using a syringe, then tricks the other two guards outside the bathroom to come in, and then 47 promptly shoots them both. He then puts an out of order sign over the bathroom door and leaves.

4. 47 steals a SWAT-like suit and guns down all of the president's guards (later on in the film) while in disguise.

Alright, #3 above and a little of #4 is the only time in the entire movie where we get to see any stealth and anything resembling the real 47. Everything else about the movie is pretty bad.


1. The main inspector (good guy) of the movie already starts out knowing almost everything about the hitman, there's no suspense or thrill to this.

2. Hitman starts on a mission to assassinate the Russian President. He takes 2 shots and then kills him. Immediately after he puts up his sniper rifle suitcase AND FREAKING BLOWS IT UP. He blows up his sniper rifle suitcase immediately alerting everybody to where he is rather than just taking it back with him.

3. The scene of the assassination doesn't look like Russia at all. People are wearing these thick coats when its warm and sunny outside. I couldn't take it seriously.

4. 47 later goes back to his hotel, and apparently he's already been found out. He set up some weird device where if you step on this little glass ball near the entrance where if a person steps on it, the device explodes and takes out the door and several SWAT-like guys. Hitman then runs away from the explosion in his room and dives through the window while catching a rope he that he pre-placed there.

Apparently, 47 anticipated that his room would be invaded, so he took the time and money to set up an explosion device there. He also assumed that he would need to dive out of his window sometime in the future to save himself. Ridiculous.

5. Using the rope, 47 crashes through a hotel window below his where 2 kids are playing the Hitman video game (har har har). He then gets out and leaves.

Apparently, the Hitman doesn't think that leaving 2 witnesses alive that saw his face is important.

6. Hitman fights some SWAT-like guys. There's a scene where they're in the elevator, and apparently they get killed by Hitman. We don't know how.

7. Hitman ends up against the main inspector (good guy) with a gun while the Hitman has no gun. Hitman runs down a corridor, into a room, and then dives out a window into a large body of water (lake, sea, ocean, don't know).

The Hitman should always kill all witnesses. He could have come up with something to distract the inspector and take him out. He would not have just run away when now the inspector has directly seen his face and knows exactly what he looks like.

8. Hitman sought out the supposed girl who witnessed the presidential assassination. He went to her home, questioned her, and then decided to take her along with him.

Um, the Hitman would have killed her since he revealed who he was to her and since she saw his face. WHY DID 47 ADMIT TO HER THAT HE SHOT THE PRESIDENT!

9. 47 takes the prostitute woman along on his adventures. I can't believe that they based this movie off a video game and decided to have an escort mission.

10. 47 goes to a train station where a rival hitman sees him and follows him. 47 steals a suit, but we never get to see 47 do any work to steal a suit. Apparently, the scriptwriter/directer/editor doesn't think that stealth is entertaining.

11. 47 finds himself in a traincar with 3 other hitmen. all four of them dance around with 2 guns pointed out. They decide one at a time to empty their clips and fight with their hidden big knives that all hitmen apparently always carry.

This is the most ridiculous part of the movie. The 3 other hitmen should just shoot 47 as soon as they see him. None of them would empty their clips to find hand to hand with knives. Completely stupid. Also these other hitmen are total wimps (one of them was black!, which is ok, but a surprise). Apparently they've changed the story, 47 and the others aren't exact clones.

12. Hitman hides one assassin body in a crate, and leaves the other two where they are.

13. Main inspector (good guy) finds 47 in the train station but 47 shoots him and main inspector can't escape. Prostitute woman says "No, don't shoot him" Hitman epically thinks and says......"she saved you."

Wholly freaking crap. This man tried to kill you, 2 times now. He knows what you look like, and apparently can track you. Why are you listening to this dumb prostitute?

14. Prostitute woman and Hitman travel together for awhile (for some reason, I have no idea why). There's some sexual tension. For some reason Hitman doesn't think its right for her to be drunk and wanting sex.

Why does Hitman have morals? Why does he think that it's not right to have sex with a drunk prostitute? I think that he's a non-sexual character and wouldn't have sex period.

15. 47 decides for some reason that he has to kill the President's brother. There's not really much of a reason he does this. He does it because apparently he needs a favor from the CIA.

16. 47 decides to infiltrate the President's brother's brothel / drug / weapon smuggling place. He talks a bunch, insults the brother, and then engages in a full-out gun battle with everyone there.

You know, 47 could just bomb the building, take the brother out when he goes to lunch, etc. rather than decide to fight everybody in a room with himself in the center of fire.

17. There's a funeral for the drug-smuggling, weapon-smuggling, brothel brother which the President attends. For some reason the guards decided to put bullet proof glass in front of the podium where the President would speak rather than having the president speak in a location that can't be snipered.

18. As the President and his buddies run away, Hitman has apparently stolen a SWAT-like suit and guns down all of the President's body guards. This is great! HE THEN TURNS AROUND AND TAKES OFF HIS MASK, EXPOSING HIS FACE!! Rather than kill the president and walk away in disguise, Hitman drags him all over the building into a secret room.

Apparently, the President's body guard was there waiting for Hitman to come in there. Hitman fights him and beats him (and of course Hitman doesn't have his trademark knife with him) with his martial arts. Hitman then wastes time talking to the President about morals and then shoots him

19. Apparently, after a shot, Russian SWAT-like people know that that's bad, and that the President must have been shot. They send a helicopter in and shoots the heck out of the room 47 was in.

20. 47 manages to not get shot and decides to wait in a chair while the the good inspector and rest of the guard people come in and arrest 47.

21. 47 is in the car with the main inspector and some guards while 47 and him talk about stuff. They're then interrupted by the CIA who provide enough of a distraction for 47 to get away. Ridiculous.

This is just crap. This 47 just has no character. There's nothing interesting about him. He's an every day guy who just happens to shoot people. There's nothing scary about him. He has a high voice which we can't identify with at all. The main inspector hinted that the hitman kills witnesses, but he never does so in the movie. The movie tries to make 47 into a good guy, he won't kill off witnesses, he talks about being a good man. Heck, there was a scene where he was talking to the prostitute where he said "Gorbechav or whatever the Russian President's name had to die." He said that in a moral sense, that morally the president had to die. What the heck?

The whole premise of Hitman is stealth and that's what makes the game different and more interesting in other games. This movie has only 1 scene and 1 moment which could be considered stealthy. All the rest of the movie is just a generic action movie. This movie has cussing throughout which helps nothing. It also shows the prostitute topless which is completely unnecessary. They make the Hitman touch the prostitute's face romantically and try to sexualize him. What makes Hitman interesting is his non-sexual nature.

I also want to point out a series of events that the Hitman foresaw and planned for (according to the movie). Hitman needed to kill the President's brother so that the CIA would save him when he would fail his assassination attempt on the president. He allowed his briefcase to be taken so that they would see a religious symbol so that they would know that he was coming to that particular religious place where the brother was being buried so that Hitman could get captured so that he could be saved by the CIA.

Gaaa. Horrible Horrible Bad Bad Movie. Now, to be fair, if you like action movies a lot and want to see Hitman be 99% action 1% stealth and don't care about egregious character decisions and plot holes then you might enjoy this movie.

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Okay, yesterday we decided to go to the cinema and see it. Wasn't that bad as some would say, but I gotta agree that that wasn't a true 47, far from that. The movie would be nice if there wasn't that woman 47 "falls in a relationship with". On one scene he even smiled! And I think him smiling is one step too far. Action scenes are ok, there's that especially funny moment when he crashes through the window and some people are playing Hitman down there.

Would give it 4/5 if there weren't those sleezy scenes with 47 and that woman, like this it's 2/5.

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Saw it...had a feeling it wouldnt be GREAT...

I guess I was right, it was averagey...

My friend kept making comments (funny but annoying) during the movie so I wasnt paying attention 100% throughout the movie..although some of his comments were funny.

about the old guy from xmen 'he looks like a turtle without its shell'

or when he is killing everyone with the girl near him and he said the guy should say in his serious voice 'ok now suck my dick'

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You gotta think as well, FOX ruined the movie. I've seen the unrated trailer, and it looks much better, see it HERE. I'm hoping for an unrated DVD coming out, if they have any sense they'll release one, it'll be much better than the trashy cinema version. Also, a word on Hitman 5, it's been in production for a year and a half, the A.I is vastly improved, and there will be a different sort of inventory system that'll be more accessible.

http://img525.imageshack.us/img525/9283/se...ames4ol6uy9.jpg - magazine scan.

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