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Favorite Lazlow moment


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Don't you mean a newbie? He wasn't as good as he was in Liberty City Stories. I think back in Vice City Stories he was starting to be a radio host, and then in 2 years time, he's already got a job in Vrock again, and this time it's only him, not Couzin Ed. So I guess he improves from being a newbie to a actual radio god. Yeah, thats right.

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GTA III: Never listened to Chatterbox much

Vice City: Seemed to question things a lot, but then again, never listened to Lazlow much

San Andreas: He was funny, but for the first time, he seemed to joke around with things and he seemed to never have control is some of his segments.

Liberty City Stories: Wasn't that funny, but he never had the chance to since it was short and the callers were maniacs.

Vice City Stories: Seemed intimidated by Cousin Ed and he never really showed his potential of being the future DJ but he was funniest in VCS, I think.

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Strange Lady: Citizens Raging Against Phones.

Lazlow: Crapt? Your organization's called Crapt? What kind of idiot are you?

What other stations was he on? I only typically listen to the chat stations, and I don't remember him on VCPR or KCHAT.

He was on V-Rock in VC, and on WCTR in San Andreas, in LCS he was back on Chatterbox and in VCS he was back on V-Rock ;).

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