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Life Ambitions


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Im telling you guys, the worst thing that can happen is you ending up working in a job you dont like or even hate. Like me right now, the job im currently working itnt physically hard, its the opposite, but its so goddamn boring. I basically have to do nothing and im getting paid, but i hate those early mornings when i have to get up to go to work. But thank god when september comes im out of there and back in my uni.

So in my life I want to get a well paid job that I like. I want to get a good wife, pretty and smart (thats gonna be hard ) and I want to raise my kids good. Thats it.

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Yeah when i grown up im going to try and get a career in Graphics or Computing. I have decided to choose these subjects at school including Biology, French, History and Music. My mum said that i could choose whatever I wanted unless I chose what i needed that includes Graphic Communication and Computing.

I also chose Biology for a Secondary Job. A Surgeon, Its not that i want to be a Surgeon (I Freak at the sight of blood Sometimes). I chose French because it would open up my career options. I chose Music because i own a Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Keyboard.

I have to take Maths what i hate but its one less time a week now.

In 2 Years i have to drop 2 Subjects. I may drop French, History, Music, Biology.

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