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Can any of you guys draw and paint well? Have you been to www.deviantart.com ? It's awsome. I post my art there all the time. It's a cool place to show fellow artist your work and look at theres. Seriously, check it out guys. If you have artistic talent please post it. The guys there and I would love to see your work. Check out http://fatalartist.deviantart.com/ . That's is my deviant page, where you can check out all of my work. When I'm not here, I'm at deviant art. Lets see what you've got.

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I did well at it, but during my last year it was a hard slog. The teacher didn't help, constantly telling me to change things when it looked good enough, and I've ignored it since. I might take some pics of my old artwork and post it up here, but I'm undecided ATM. I'll more than likely do that, but I have to find the books first.

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I can draw cartoon-ish drawings of dudes and I'm quite good at drawing heavily detailed stick-figures. :P

I like making graphics on the computer too and I like drawing and animating in Flash, I'm working on my latest one, Toast Man. :P


I got the star player award (Stars which teachers collect, and the house with the most stars wins <_<) about 2 lessons in a row. :)

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