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GC 2007: Grand Theft Scratchy Reveal and Giveaway

Exclusive game footage and a chance to win the complete seventh season on DVD.

By IGN Staff

August 20, 2007 - IGN recently had the chance to storm EA's offices and corner game designer Greg Rizzer to ask him some hard hitting questions about Grand Theft Scratchy, a game within The Simpsons Game. Our own Nate Ahearn cornered the developer at EA and pegged him with questions concerning Itchy and Scratchy's horrific violence, backlash from the citizens of Springfield, and the inevitable clash with the ESRB. After watching the video Insiders have the opportunity to get their hands on some Simpsons Swag by sending in their own plot of the Simpsons Movie. Just click on the link below and fill out the form to be in the running for The Complete Seventh Season of the Simpsons on DVD, miniatures, Tshirts, Hats and other choice items.

looks like they parodied this very serious :lol:

i wonder what the game is gonna be like, after all, this is like a sequel to the first gta parody: simpsons hit & run

here's a trailer from E3 preview, but i can't get one about grand theft scratchy though, any of you guys an insider of ign? :mellow:

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