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Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre


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How to get Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre in the Tanker Commander mission? :mellow:

first purchase the safe house in Dillimore. Start the mission, head to the gas station and drive/walk into the mission marker. After the cut-scene, Cataline gets into the Tanker. Go ahead and get in the Tanker but DON"T attach the Tanker Trailer. NOW, go to the north end of the gas station. A Sabre will be there. Push it with the Tanker to your Dillimore garage. Once it's in the garage, get out of the Tanker and stand beside the Sabre in the garage, fail the mission by killing via shooting Catalina, walk out of the garage, u hav your special Sabre, in ur Dillimore garage.

Tell me if that works.. B)

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Bulletproof/Fireproof/Explosionproof/Damageproof Sabre?

I destroy that car almost every time I do that mission.

Like most proof cars in GTA, they might lose their proof properties if you complete a certain part of the mission. It takes a lot to get those cars. Mostly the only way to get them is by pushing them in a garage which seems like a lot of work.

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