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End of Stunting


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@-All Admin/Moderater staff, please Don't move/consider spam/ban/edit this topic...

This Should be in no other than the Stunting section, since its the one of the 2 only places i'm related with TGTAP.

@-All ppl,it aint boring if u care 2 read what happened here....

Stunting came in my life, changed it completely and I'm sure one day it'll get lost...somewhere in the old pages of TGTAP Stunting Forums...where and when no one wud even care where this 'Fool' is.

I Don't kno how to start, but here goes/ I came to the TGTAP in Dec'06 while searching for maps for SA.I downloaded some stuff,Came to kno abt stunting vids and all, watched them and I registered into forums on 12th jan'07.I finished my game<SA> in MAY. Inspired by all this on TGTAP, I started stunting<which sucks even till now>.

while making a solo, I heard abt a collab seeking for members to take pat in<Topic by DDX/Edit by DC>,so I changed my SA outfit, Made some 10/so reps...sent do DC thru DDX, and recieved that I'm not included coz my stuff wasn't that good,never mind. I continued with my solo and released it as TOXICITY<didn't work as well, coz i never used programs like GTASA CC,so it took time to do stuff>...even tho I got scoldings from family and teachers for not giving time to studies.

AND now this month<August>, I saw the collab didnt come up since DC-vegas problem and all,etc...u can read in that topic.

So I was told If my stuff was good now, I'll be selected and taken,so i was trying for few days for the same.

Now, MY most important exams are due in Feb/March and for which I'm bound to and forced to STUDY<tho it is for my own benefit>.

So, my elder Bro has uninstalled SA, And i kno i wont be allowed to play/stunt/whatever with SA...

Now, all ppl here in my home {my Family memba's} kno that I totally suc at every walk of life and that stunting/gaming is not a way of life, but waste of resources...MY eyes need a pair of glasses to see things far away<which i hate>..I'm slim..don't study as I did when I was younger from now..don't have any GFs or whatever...

But I wanted to take part in all those vids as we all like to.

NOW,a BIG THANX to TGTAP Forums who served me like family/child relationship.

Now I kno its not that easy to make a reputation thru stunts, u gotta be perfect, different..

But still, I feel like getting out of the world and screaming like its raining BLOOD in HELL..

I just wanted 2 xpress myself like its the very human tendency. Those who think they wasted their time reading this sh/t, can think w/ever they like, its their lookout.

I apologize for any mistakes that i did from the day i entered TGTAP...



THNX TO ALL VID PRODUCERS WHOSE SONGS INSPIRED ME..LIKE THESE ONES :Overflow, Underrated, Blackout SA, Freestyle,Breath oF A Nation-Breakthrough and those too which i can't remember.


Slayer,Godfather,Ghost<never talked to u, still luv ya>,DDX<thnx for support when i was new>,Anyone else who helped in anyway

BUT, I ain't so sure will I ever _ _ _ _ _ _

Edited by TOXIC
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Close topic, erase it and never let it come back. This is spam and it is useless. If you are going to leave and stop than do it. Don't post a useless topic about it. Capiche?

I already told ya, it ain't spam...Its just what i wanna share on TGTAP Stunting forums..to my own community.iddn't u read the whole thing? I ain't doin this for earning stupid dollars or to draw some attention or publicity...i said this in here coz none of stunters were going to see this if i posted in General Lifestyle discussion or whatever

And whether I'm gonna stop or leave is upto me and not yet decided. . .


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Okay, I'll leave it open for comments for a bit...

How come you have to study already now, 7-8 months before the exams?

I tried to explain our system of Education.Didnt i? :P


Sad Bro.

You are just in the same position as i am.You are in 12th aren't you.Science :o

Dont worry yaar.Do just like me.I sit on PC just for 2-3 hours daily.

I too am probably releasing my Last video soon.

Lol.Come again on Orkut yaar!

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Thanx Slayer, i thought this wud be removed on the day i post this topic

Thanx to all of U, I never thought this much number of ppl wud ever read my post and reply...

I never even thought I'll get Ghost to talk to me...coz I didn't saw him much in Forums but luved his work very much.A big Thanx for your suggestions guys...but I'm a bit f/ckin crazy after seeing all ur work, so being a good stunter was always a dream, and so I went on hours stunting, just to find that I was a fool at this......coz it requires both practice and patience..

@Ghost: My pop won't listen to the Idea u gave, coz even playing SA had become a yes or no situation, way back in Junne 2006...wherein my pops lemme to play only till August'06...

somehow i managed a year, but now its too near the exam.

One more thing @ GHOST:Never thought i will tell u this: The first vid i saw was Blackout SA and don't know the name of the song....not even now, but whenever I see it and listen to the song..i can feel U Ghost...screaming and singing that song<a bit madness of Mine>so definitely bit stunting, bit studying; wont work...but thanx again

@Slayer: can this topic remain open 4ever?

@Genyus:See? everyone ain't like u, not all ppl think that emotions and expressal of feelings means wasting time

@JayD: I ain't on Orkut, was never even. May be Msn or

Y! Messenger will do? But then too,the person is U who can understand what i'm feeling now...

Btw I sit on PC for continuous 4/4.5 hrs...my folks aint likin this!

@ all u who care: A flow of emotions makes me feel and listen to the song in Underrated...for those who've not seen or like the song, I've ripped it here..

EDIT FROM ME : ok...i just wanted y'all to listen it....but its removed now..

MODERATER'S EDIT: Don't redistribute copyright material

Edited by TOXIC
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@Slayer: can this topic remain open 4ever?

:P As long as you keep posting stuff like:

but whenever I see it and listen to the song..i can feel U Ghost...screaming and singing that song

This thing should actually go to The Longue...I'll probably have to move it later, but atm I don't have a problem with it being here. After all, Ghost had his comeback thread here.


Well it is sad to see you leaving but I was so negative because I just can't understand how a game and stunting in it can mean your life and emotions. But thats just me I guess..
No that is not only you, that's the reason I've left this topic here...for people to beware
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ohh... Yeah i really meant that "can feel U Ghost...", but i didn't understand what has that to do with topic remaining open??

And thats alright, i mean anything can affect ur emotions until u control them..but i like that game stuff and all just as i do to my body or w/ever. I just got the hang of stunting recently....saw into challenges, tried them, didn't happen good, and on the top of all disappointment....I was deprived of playing..thats why it affects me..

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You can feel me :huh: Maybe you should leave :P

If I were you I'd study alot for a while, then occasionally ask to go on the pc for an hour or so. But tbh it isn't that big a deal not being able to play gta ;)

That's what I meant. I wasn't trying to offend you. Maybe I was a little bit too harsh.

k, Thats kool with both of us...but rem'ber in future not to be so FAST in hurtin someone.....at the wrong place for de wrong reason at the wrong time -_-

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