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Help with this Damn Mission


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You know that mission (PS2) where you are at Diaz's place and he tells you to go and exchange his drugs with the guns (From the Police I think).

You have to drive the van to the meeting spot and then shoot them with your sniper, easy, but then once you have exchanged the drugs for the weapons you need to drive them back to Diaz, but on the way back, them dudes hell try and kill you, they shoot you, block you off, ram you.

Its so damn hard! Any tips on how to pass this mission? Every time I try (Which has been about 40 times, no joke) I get blown up in the car! ;)

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When I first played this mission I failed, almost 3 times, but here's a way. Firstly, once you get out, try to avoid the car thats trying to shoot at you. With the big truck you got, use it to ram the car, and the other car will be rolling about or could explode in any second! When it comes to road blocks, you need to find space were the truck can fit in, so slow down a bit and try and find a way to get through them.

Keep doing that and then you're nearly there.

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Cheers for the help

Yeah, them cars are easy to dispose of lol Its them damn road block cars that blast me.

I tried just flying between them, but they blow me up. I tried taking my time and going the long way and stuff. But when it comes to them road block people Iam screwed. Dont the road block people shoot you? And how can I make sure that my truck gets blown up?

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It's very simple when you know how, thanks to the bad A.I. Way I did it was - I drove over the nearby ramp after all the snipers were killed (if you're not sure where, it's at the back of the hotel parking lot). That leads to a small alley that's very close to Bayshore Avenue. Once you're on the avenue leading to the bridge, STAY ON THE GRASS ON THE LEFT-HAND SIDE. Due to the useless A.I, they won't even think of driving onto the grass after you. Keep driving straight until you get to the Starfish Island bridge, after that, you know where to go. It should be very straightforward if you stay on the grass.

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