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Grand theft tendo

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Well, didnt know where to put this so i just decided ill put it in the classic forum.

Well lets start, about a year ago or more i seen in a gaming magazine there will be a game (gta) grand teft tendo to be more precise for nintendo. It is not developed by rockstar, but by some guy at home,...but about 6 month ago the offical web site went down and i have no clue if it will be released. Its should be by now, but it havent, anyone knows what im talking about?

atm the site only has this on it..

grand theft tendo

Hope some of u are farmiliar whit this. :)

cya around

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yeah i tought it will be on emulator..

about a year ago when i found the site, there were screenshoots and all info about the project, but then out of a blue moon the page went down and now is back up whit only the words, probably will be done something,.. ill just wait and see...

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