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Hitman 2 Kivosk Park Meeting help


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Kirov Park Meeting, you mean? Okay, here is a guide from www.hitmanforum.com which I'm a member on as well:


You'll start the mission just next to the river. You're boat is nearby. This will be your exit point when you've completed your objectives. A limo will drive by the road in a second. Head across the street to the green dumpsters and look in between them. You should see a pair of bombs and a sniper conveniently stashed there. Try not to engage with the guard who's patrolling the street and he wont give you and problems. Only take the Bombs and head look back to the road. A sewer hole should be open for you to take down into more sewers.
Once you've climbed down the ladder head out for "Sewer Entrance 1" (see MAP). When you reach the ladder climb up and you'll see that the entrance is blocked. It's blocked by the parked limousine General Makarov has just gotten out of. They've made it fairly easy for you. When you reach the top press the 'action button' to place the bomb to the bottom of the car. The Generals limo is now armed and will trigger when he gets back inside. Now onto his mafia connections car.
For Igor Kubasko you'll have a much harder time with his limousine. Down in the sewers head for "Sewer Entrance 2" (see MAP). When you reach there climb up but do not exit the hole. Instead reach a point where 47 is hidden but you can see what is going up above. Pull out your map and you'll see you're just a small distance away from the second limo. Wait for a civilian to go for a walk towards your position. You'll see that the limo driver is passing by your manhole to take a piss. When his back is turned exit the man hole and take out your Anaesthetic. Sneak behind him and give him a full 5 doses of the liquid (Note: Usually the driver will finish before you've come close enough to get him. Upon turning he'll flip out at the sight of you and flee back to the guards. However, you have plenty of time to race after him and take him down).
Take his clothes and run out to the limo. Upon turning the corner you need to get back to walking as to not disturb the guards (It's best to SAVE at this point). You are on high suspicion so the slightest fault will cause an alarm. Calmly head towards the limo and click "Place Bomb" when the action appears.
Now head back the way you came and go down through the manhole. Head back to the first hole you came down through and go back up the street. You should be near your boat. Stand a fair distance away from your boat so that you don't mess with the exit point. Your two targets should be heading back to their cars. Once they get inside to drive off both limos should explode completing your objectives. Get to your boat as quickly as possible (Note: On occasion a body might be found after the explosions. This is a glitch that sometimes occurs and its best to restart to your save point. This time trying shifting some of the guards around so they aren't in their normal positions).

Well Done! All 0's on Kirov Park Meeting!

Click on the link and you'll see the pictures which will help you. It won't allow me to post them here unfortunately. If you want help with ANY of the Hitman games, here are 4 links to walkthroughs for each game so far:

Hitman Codename: 47

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Hitman; Contracts

Hitman: Blood Money

Hope that helps. :)

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