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stupid games


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The only problem is the addictive nature of the game.

Sorry, I'm on PS2. Start a female Urb & go to Gasoline Row. Watch all the guys get bent outa' shape when you hit on the

other girls. That's funny.

Anyway, back to topic.

Sacrface: The World is Yours had the potential to be the one to claim GTA's place, until the developers decided ti hire the

mentally retarded to port it to PC. If you have it on PC, do NOT run their "official" patch. Last time I played it, I ran the patch

& had tons of stupid problems. This time, (after a wipe & reinstall) I didn't use the patch & it's a lot better. Still have laggy

video (They recommend an N-vidia 6800 on a game that looks like Vice City), but it's tolerable. This is because of some

"shading affect" they came up w/ for the game. :pissedred:

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There is like a million mario games pritty soon theres like going to be a mario party 1000. just wait until all the wii has is mario games.

Since it has more than Mario games, it will never only have Mario games. It's a physical impossibility because there have been other games made, that were not Mario.

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^that's a good game the true crime series, maybe you didn't enjoy it, i do because i got all endings in L.A and NY :lol:

i don't like:

-Driv3r(the worst mistake of Atari)

-tactic RPGs on PS2(they have really bad graphics, all of them!)

-annoying children games like barbie horseriding, ultraman, bratz, etc

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The first "True Crime" was okay, better that Atari's idiot bastard step-child "DRIV3R" & "Getaway: Black Monday".

Never played "True Crime NY", how does it compare to the first one?

If I haven't mentioned it in here yet, "FANTAVISION" was pretty inane, made for 6-year-olds.

I literally watched Mamma Kitty's "BFF" (HA!) waste away on "Ever-Crack" (Everquest). If I didn't have to buy a subscription

to play it, I would put together a war party, find & destroy here castle & kill her off (in the game). She's worse than the D&D

nerds back in the '80s that killed themselves when their characters died.

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