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Sniping Point's

Dirty Harry

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There is a small town, a mile or so (?) west of the LV airstrip.

There is a building there which you can access via stairs, it has pillars supporting a roof, which defends all heli attacks. Block the stairs with your car and no cops can come up to shoot at you. Well populasted town too.

Can't remeber/ find exact location atm though.

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Well....in Las Venturas, one of the casinos (perhaps its a hotel) is pretty good. I forget the name, but it is a big pyramid, with like a moat type road around the perimeter. This is good because you can just run as far as you want to up the pyramid, the police can't get up. Only problem is helicopters can get you. The funniest thing is watching the police cars struggle to get up the pyramid, make it halfway and then roll back down, flip over and explode. :bleh:

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