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San Andreas Car Mod Issues


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first off....I have San Andreas v1

I put some mods in, including Lamborghini Murcielago, RX7, Lancer Evo etc

Only car mods though...

Now here's the problem. Whenever i walk up to a garage door (apart from the grove st garage) eg san fierro petrol station, it just freezes, then crashes to desktop....

Any suggestions?

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Yeah, when you replace a car that's been stored in a garage, the game crashes. Sometimes you may find yourself excused from such cirumstances, i think it's habitual to some vehicles, but it's happened at Grove street to me before....

Anyway, this can be helped by:

1) Removing the mods, going into game, removing the cars from the garage, reinstalling mods.

2) Using a garage Editor tool to remove the vehicles from your garage to eliminate the need to uninstall / reinstall mods.

3) Starting a new game.... (Which Sucks, and you probably don't wanna do)

Hope this all helped :D

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This is only a thought, but did you save after using a cheat?

When you installed the mods, did you get the data edits right? Remember that in SA, the vehicles listed in HANDLING.CFG

have to stay in their original order. Also make sure you don't have duplicate lines in HANDLING.CFG & that the original

models were deleted from GTA3.IMG (REPLACE options has issues in some of the IMG editors).

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first off, its not my save, its a 100% downloaded one...i think they did use unallowed cheats cos it recommends not to save it, although they did get 100%

well...i was using san andreas mod installer...which replaces correct handling, vehicle.ide, carcols.dat all that stuff... :coolthumbup:

OK...what i did, was uninstall all mods with that, then when @ san fierro...SAVED there. then went to garage. and it was fine.

very very strange if you ask me, but its all working fine now..except i found out the hard way not to put mods on downloaded cars....

eg stallion can get vents, but if u try and do it to a downloaded car, instant crash.... :bashhead:

So anyway, it's all good atm :thumbsup:

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OK.....new problem.

I got a "moddable" Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 off grandtheftauto.fr i think

Now i followed all the instructions - replace all the txd and dff in the gta3.img, all body parts, paintjobs etc have been replaced.

Now i go to mod it, everything is fine (apart from the fact that buying a spoiler makes it overlap the original one....) and also the front bumper is offset from the car by about maybe 50cm ... very very weird.




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