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Favourite Pokemon?


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Meh, I don't watch the cartoons anymore because they just drug out storylines. I mean, did they really need to spend 3 seasons in Johto? And I hardly play the games anymore, due to my not owning a DS and wanting to keep my Pokemon addiction under control. That being said, Sceptile. He just looks badass and is a grass-type.


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I dunno. There are lots of cool Pokemon IMO.

A few:


Typlosion just looks wicked and was the first pokemon I ever got (Pokemon Silver). Never got him to lever 100 though. Some where in the 90's I think.


He's fuckin' huge and cool IMO. Aeroblast FTW! (if that was the name.. Can't remember :P)


Raikou. Never been able to catch him though :(

Then a few others:

Latios & Latias




Seaking (fuck yeah)




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Balbasaur and evo's suck. Squirtle and evo's are all cool, especially Blastoise.

I also love Charmeleon and Charizard. Charmander is cute, not cool IMO.

Also, Graveler FTW. If you can't beat 'em. Destroy 'em *hints to self-destruct*. Gravelers self-destruct is much more powerfull then the one of Electrode.

I used to like Magmar, not anymore though.

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