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Ordering new truck

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Whoops, forgot to mention the changes. I test drove an extended cab the other day, and realized the extra room is well worth it. The 3.0 gets the same mileage as a 4.0, but has the power of a 2.3, so I bumped it up.

Ranger XLT

Extended Cab 2wd

Grabber Orange

4.0L V6

5 Speed Manual

3.55 Limited Slip

Power Equipment (power windows, locks, etc)

Payload Package 2

Privacy tinted glass / Rear slider window

Fog Lamps


It's going to be a long 6 weeks.

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Cut it right to the engine:P

Maybe drill a couple of holes in it aswell

Put cotton wool up it! Woot!

Lol my bike 'zorst has a hole in it from corrosion, blows pretty smoke rings every once in a while :P

@Smallpancake - any 'real' truck has to have had at least one dead body in the back .... break it in nicely.... :)

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