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Who were you on GTAF, claude_luigi? (Edit: Oh, I found out.)

The moderation is corrupt at GTAF but when flaming comes around, just don't bring it to the level where you can get banned for it. The moderators hardly give anyone a chance there and some can get banned at their first warning when they didn't even make a harsh offense. Though, I consider here and there has both my forum homes. I usually go there when TGTAP gets inactive sometimes.

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Urgh I HATE that forum.

Worst forum ever.

TGTAP is my home lol.

Agreed. I joined 'cause I wanted to see what its like as a member. TGTAP is better because the profiles and all that are more modern.

Yep, well TGTAP uses IPB 2.x.x which uses more modern technology (although I can't talk, I rather 1.3), however the skin they uses by default is from 2001ish so thats pretty old. It also clashes bad, look at posts with text in the member side and then the post text, yuck! Worst validating and layout I have seen yet.

This forums moderators aren't chosen by friends. They have been chosen on how helpful, active, nice etc, that member is.

I'm an example, Chris didn't know me until I became a staff member here. Actually, I think he still doesn't know me :P. Jokes.

Okay I'm back from a long nights sleep and have notice this topics on fire. The email that was not only rude but ver un-called for.

Here is the basic stuff the moderators or admin whatever wrote.

-You have been banned so stay the f**k away from our forums or we will personally hunt you down and make sure you never visit this forum again, your consent PBM is p*ssing us off...I will have to find the rest of the email. But that's basically the gist of it.

What do you think.

p.s. The members of that forum are very immature and are very obsessed with talking dirrrrrrty. :huh:

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Very nice, so the GTAF mods are aware of this topic.

Tell em we don't give a toss about joining, and they can stick a dildo up their asses :P

They can indeed proceed in that particular activity.

Also at GTAF there was many scandles with the mods

Fore example there was this mod who took naked pics of himself and he got banned.

They're talking about allot on the forums now.

Shows how mature they are <_<

look in the picture closely you will see a prostitute giving balla head.

:) hope I dont get banned for that.


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