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help please

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oh jeez im so sorry.

does it really matter what section i post in? no.

and thanks everybody else for ur help. i guess ill just have to go find the game this weekend at an actual store. what stores have it for pc? i cant really find it around anymore...

yes it does otherwise people wouldn't point it out... And enough of the sarcasm...

It'll be anywhere, or you could buy it from the internet, but from a respectable site like amazon...

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Please don't be sarcastic with me, I'm trying to keep people from messing up the forum so people can enjoy it in the future.

Why thank everyone else and not me, I provided some pretty good advice of not buying a game from Ebay and from a shop since there isn't much difference in price.

You could try contacting Ebay about it and report that you have been sold something that doesn't contain what you were supposed to be buying instead of coming here and being sarcastic with members who are trying to help you out, that's what gives you a bad reputation.

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