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GTA Vice City Myths and Legends


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How is that "Myths and Legends"? It's easter eggs. That's all. And some of them weren't even that. The BEACH BALL(("Tommy plays football!)) is for "Keepy Uppy Beach ball" I do believe it's called. You bounce the ball off the head and keep the ball in the air, not just kick it around like he did.

I hate this video. He is moves around way too much way too fast. And then will continuously show us the SAME DAMN THING saying "WOW LOOK AT THAT!!!!". And then he'll show up something for a split second and expect us to know what it is. He didn't even show the water jet shooting out of the top of the building with the penis made of lights, either.

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Ahhh, I dont know why Im posting this, but the vid made me post.

Thanks for the vid, even though those secrets don't mean much to me, the vid made me kinda emotional when memories of VC flashed in mind...

but anyways, I didn't know that glitch what you 'scarface home'...appreciated.

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