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tommy vercetti guy

You Know You Played To Much Video Games when......

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you carry a keyboard around so you can get to the console with the ~ key

you run from the cops and look for bribe pickups

you wonder why the cops arrest you while carrying an ak-47

you look for the floating diskette in your room so you can save

you kill someone and expect the money to float around

your computer costs more than your house

you yell for a medic every time you get hurt

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TCClone Feb 28 2005, 12:56 AM

-- you keep wondering why you can't auto-target people -San Andreas

you map out your city like a GTA game.

you still can't comprehend the concept that you can enter a store WITHOUT having a yellow marker above it's door. -San Andreas

you go into a change-room at a shopping mall, and expect all the clothes you can buy in the store to magically appear out of thin air for you to try on. -San Andreas

That's all I got

Spider Vice - You accelerate with a car and pull the handbrake, thinking it's NOS (GTA-SA)



you're being chased by cops and you see a star and run into it, and they walk away like nothing happened.

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