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Park it like it's Hot


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I found a new way of entertaining myself when i was flying the extra large aircraft and jumped out of it close to the ground.

The aircraft parked itself somewher on a funny way, and it didn't explode yet.

After that I got a new idea, let's park that (bt-400?) aircraft on the most impossible places there are in San Andreas :w00t: .

So why not park it on the mount chillad?


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Killa E, that really doesn't make any sense why you should put that in this topic :blink::nope: .

Anyway let's continue:

I alway's thought that Alcatras (the famous prison "The Rock") would be close to the Golden Gate bridge.

i couldn't find a building in the sea over there, only a small island.

This took a few times untill it finually land it.

I'm glad ther is water nearby cos this is a Hot Parked AT-400.


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That's a nice park. Can you explain a little better how you you get the AT-400 to come to a complete stop?

Well with a little luck (so go and get some horseshoes) and expert flying skills.

When you hit the water you will first slowdown and later sink.

But if you calculate the exact time that is needed to slow the plane down and not to sink but to slide onto the island.

B) you are a hell of a pilot.

But if you can't do that and you want to show you can do even better than landing on a small island as this there is anther option.

What about the top of the Big Pointy Building.

There is just enough room for one person to stand there, so it would be a great challenge don't you think?

Well so far no good, i must have made some minor miscalculations when this happened.


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