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Don Cheech

how to add miss liberty, intercity highway and road to gohist town mod in my game

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i just downloaded Bridge To Ghost Town and Intercity Highway + Miss Liberty Pac for gta 3

where do i put these note: i have never put a mod in any game so ima noob ^_^

do i need to xtract files or do something special or can i just add the files to a specific folder

any help will be greatly apprecianted


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It all depends.

Does that pack come with an auto installer? If so, you'll just have to open it, then locate the folder where you installed GTA III and that's it. It should install smoothly as you haven't installed any other mods.

If your file doesn't have an installer, just take a look at the "READ ME" file (should be included in your ZIP or RAR file). It normally tells you to extract the files to the your GTA/data/maps folder.

I highly recommend you back up your original files in case the mod doesn't work or your game crashes.

Hope you can get your mod to work... That's a cool mod.

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If you're talking about Odie's intercity highway, you need to add the model of the road to the GTA3.IMG (look for tutorials)

& add an IPL to the appropriate file.

Tutorial for installing cars to GTA3 (same basics for any models) -


Odie had a good README for his mod, if yours didn't have one then go to the DOWNLOADS section under GTA3 & look

in MAPS for a Liberty/Intercity Highway mod by MsCooldude (or similar).

Better yet, here's a link -


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Yes,I think they should,if only GTA IV was moddable and if it was on the pc you would need to have a really good PC.

Or friends with good PCs that are always busy.

Friends with good PCs FTW!

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