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Connor's Sig Shop!


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Connor's Sig Shop!

Nice Sigs, Cheap Prices

I've been making graphics since Summer last year, and I thought about opening a shop to sell some, so if you would like any sigs, please provide these details:

  • Name/Title
  • Colour/Theme
  • Render(Or Not)
  • Size(The bigger the sig, the higher the price)
  • Price you want to offer

If you need any examples of graphics, I can post them if you like.

I can also make them with Flash

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First i will rate some sigs.

First one: It sees very cool 10/10

Second one: Sees good, but kinda blurred and too much lightning, but good sig 8/10


Time to buy!!!!!!!!

OK i'll choose one, i'd like the last one, same theme, different sig. just try to make something good but remember to add my user name in the same corner!

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