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[SA] GLS - Poets Of The Fall


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Poets Of The Fall

Ladies And Gentlemen, GLS IS BACK!

Intro :

We decided to get back together, because we realised what we had was to good to lose. But we wanted to come back with a BANG. This video is the BANG!

About the intro; We all agreed we really wanted to try something different with this vid. I wanted to take a different approach to conventional intros, also to test myself to see if I could handle such a project. If you don't understand the concept of it here it is

the intro is a rough homage to the intro of our first vid. The idea is that people die and come back to life as us (stunters)

When I first made it, it was supposed to end at gifted misfit's part, but then Slayer, DDX and Shifty joined the vid.

Main :

Again we wanted to try something different with the presentation of the video, we used a slower paced song than in most stunt vid. I tried to be very subtle with editing, to try and draw the focus to the stunts.

So I present to you, a SA stunt video, Poets Of The Fall! Have fun watching it!

XQ - .mkv

File Front

HQ .wmv

File Factory

LQ .wmv

Mega Upload

File Factory

Streaming Version



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Ladies And Gentlemen, GLS IS BACK!

I know that's a joke, but there are still a few ladies on these forums (or ladies who don't have an account, but browse the forums), don't assume only gentlemen play GTA.

Okay, on to the video, first of all, I the intro is awesome, and has a great story but I think it's too long cause it's 2/5 of the stunt video.

I just hate those glitch stunts and lucky flips, where you land up-side down and you use steering and etc to get right-side up <_< , but all the other stunts are awesome. I mostly enjoyed it because of the editing... Great Editing...

So how long does it take to do all the editing for this video?

I just don't understand how stunting can save the world... :huh:

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