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a little advice Connor, in every school there's a code for being "popular kids", "nerds", "preps" and everything

well, at least there is in my country, but i'm sure in every school in the world there's a code like that right?

here's mine;

1. if you have the strength, beat them up, that'll show that your respect wouldn't be as low as any beat-up kids, at least you can try to be strong, do some workouts, go to a gym, but you have to be sure that you're mad at them

2.if you can't beat them, join 'em, always works for me, try to be a friend to them, get new friends who's as strong or as popular as them(try to look for newbie/freshman bully kids)

3. you can't squeal, it's one of the codes, if you squeal, you'll ruin your days for as long as you stay in school, even though you can make that guys get expelled, other jocks will be looking for you

4.don't ever try to be good to them, it'll makes them looking down on you more and they'll take an advantage of you.

5.if you can't be the jocks, try to be a school "joker/clown" do some jokes in your class, i prefer not insulting somebody, but it's your choice to be popular

6.don't look at these school codes like in movies, try to make any kind of respect they'll like, or they'll hate

trust me, these code works for most schools, so i hope you can still be yourself if you succeded

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What the fuck can I do about dicks bullying me which will make them feel equally as angered as me..?

I'm fucking sick of them..

Most of them are chavs dedicated to making my life a misery..

If you're afraid of getting in trouble by beating them up, then just try to ignore them and get some dirt on them. Ruin their lives.

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Beating them up only works if its outside of school, well I have only ever been bullied once and that was in primary school and lasted about a week so I dont know much about it. But if you have anything on them (secrets) etc. you can blackmail them (worked wonders for me to the people I hate) and you could just tell the teacher though I find some teachers to be not interested and just do nothing, in that case the only thing you can do is tell your family.

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What would happen if I got 6 screenshots of one of the chavs bullying me on MSN and admiting who he is, and gave it to a teacher at school?

I really don't suggest doing that, it's just going to make it worse. I once snitched on someone and everybody thought I was a loser, it is kind of a lame thing to do anyway, just proves you can't sort out things yourself. Its only if like you've done loads of GCSE coursework or something like that and they wreck your only copy then you should tell a teacher in my opinion.

You need to sort this out yourself, make them look like an idiot in front of other people. Also try and build up some muscle so if they start pushing you round you can defend yourself, go to a gym every once in a while and work out before you go to bed. I go to my school's gym after lessons on Wednesday's and Thursday's, I also do 100 pushups and situps before bed. I have a good body and it's much easier than you think to get one (was for me anyway).

Don't ignore them when they make fun of you, try to do something about it by yourself at the same time that they have made fun of you.

(Buy Canis Canem Edit, I learnt a bit from that!)

That might work, only go for a teacher who you trust the most. I picked my form tutor and he supported me when I punched one of my bullies in the face.

If you do hit one of them in the face, make sure its only for self defence. You'll get in less trouble from teachers.

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Dude, all i did was, count up all the anger, wait, then when they do something very stupid,aggressive towards you, try to punch him right in the soft spot on the temple, if struck hard enough, can cause loose of eye sight for a week, and can cause them to be knocked out. all i did was, asshole kid throws pizza pop in my face, i just go nuts, he runs laughs turns around and i drilled him in the jaw, 3 min later, it finishes. done. he goes off crying i go inside to wash off blood of nuckle and now he stays atleast 20 feet away from me all the time, and the funny thing is, i was the least expected person to do it to, im just a kid with glasses who likes computers and one day when nuts and beat the living shit out of a kid.

what exactly do they do to you? push you around? and yeah, i went to my socials teacher, he said right on and i had a few pat on the backs from other teachers too lol it was wierd...but the most fucked up part of my fight was, the Kids mom i beat up she is the detention lady, so i was stuck with the kid and his mom for 2 days straight inschool. dude, ifs its 1.1 if he's saying stuff, 1 right in the gut that will wind him, he isnt saying anything, hes looking at his buddys, right in the nose. or 3. he's in the hall way, tap him on the shoulders make him turn around and drill him right there. and dont says "cheap! cheap!" fuck this isnt pro boxing, its beat the shit out of or be beaten the shit out of.

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why is everybody teaching you to squeal? it won't help, teachers doesn't care the about kids problems, and squealing to your family isn't helping, worst case scenarion your mom/dad go into school and tell the teachers, and the whole school will hear and calls you lame and beat you for the rest of your high school time

look, take it from someone who has bully, and had bullied. i was once like you too, but now i'm respected by that guys, and i never bully someone who are my friends

there's a boy in my school, who squealed, and now all the guys(including me, i hate squealer) made up a gang for him just to be his enemy, now he don't have ONE single friend!

c' mon, there's gotta be another way besides squeal, after all a part of being a grown up is solve your own problems yourselves, if you don't, you're a baby

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hey dude, just remember my principle: always be a friend to 'em, but don't be exactly like 'em, don't be afraid of hurting someone, the problem is, did they hurt you that bad?

if they are, avenge them man!, it doesn't have to be a fight, do pranks or something, that way you can gain respect around your fellow school mates

if you can't beat them up, do jokes, be the joker, and you'll get around somehow B)

i swear to God, as he will be my witness and my judge, it worked on me

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welcome to my world. the principal was asking me why i did it and i said it was my anger issue and highblood pressure. when im pissed, i breakstuff or go physco, just do this, he bugs you in the hallway or something, like pushes you, turn around and punch him there and dont stop till he's on the ground. and after when the teacher/prinipal asks you why you did it just say that he's been doing it for months/ a year and im fucking tired of the shit.

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I dont think sqealing (telling) is actually that bad, if its getting to the point where he is being pushed here and there everyday it is not nice. If you have any borhters you can ask for help from them. At least I did and it worked for me. But seriosuly why do these guys bully you?

Is it because they just dont like you?

Becasue you have better things than them?

If you dont like to get bullied the only way it is going to stop permaneantly and quickly is if you get into a fight with them. Even if you get beaten up, they'll see that your not scared but right now ignoring is just a way of hiding away. If you have any cousins etc. in the school get them to help you. If it gets worse just go and hit them. Theres no other way except for telling the teacher but I think some teachers really dont give a toss, if you go to a head of year it will get sorted out quickly I think. (Presuming you go to secondary school).

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Red Devil's got a right idea, one of the ways to get them to notice you is start a fight dude!

all the teachers cares about is their job, they didn't want to get involved, even if you squeal to a teacher who is an education freak, they still can't help you out

i've done squealing since the last time, i'd become the main attention of the jocks, but i was sick of it, so i challenge them to fight one on one, and somehow it worked

i got that from my big brother, some kind of a tradition, back then i was pushed around by some bullies, but now i hang out with anybody including them and they never push me or any of my friends again just like my bro

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Teachers aren't really like that here.

People probably bully me because I have Autism, they don't really understand why I do certain things and are allowed to do certain things like leaving a classroom then feel that I have it really easy and they feel they have it hard. Maybe it's because I'm much better than them at certain subjects. It could be because they listen to chavvy music and I listen to heavy metal, maybe it's because they have short hair and I have long hair, since I'm different, I'm going to be the one picked on for being different.

It's fucking pissing me off, when I get the chance, I'm going to go up to one of the fuckers, punch him in the face then make him feel as pissed off as I've been.

How pissed I've been is going insane while being called by multiple people at the same time over MSN, and best of all, my friend decides to join in, which made me nearly beat the fuck out of the computer.

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