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Hidden Pay 'n Spray


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I found a Hidden Pay 'n Spray in Las Venturas.

I call it hidden becourse it isn't shown on the map or radar.

You could say there is noting special about anoter pay 'n spray :nope: .

SAPP think's different.

Why isn't in on the radar/map? :unsure:

There might be something strange about it :yup: .

When i drove my Super GT in it, i felt something was wrong.

Normally the third person view stay's outside off the pay 'n spray and you see the doors close untill your car is finished re spraying.

But this time the camera stays behind the car (my camera point) when the doors close, so you're (your view) inside the pay 'n spray when your car is being sprayed.

which is nice to be involved for once :w00t: .

But when i drove my car out off it, i felt that it was scratching on something.

It felt like there was a hole in the ground where my car's wheels drove through.

I got out off the car and walked to the hole, but i didn't saw anything.

Untill i felt into the deep underworld of San Andreas :weird: .

(and got spawned back on sollid ground)


Yea it's nice to just jump into the hole and have a look at the other side off San Andreas.

The Hidden Pay 'n Spray is located behind the parking garage next to the big pyramid.


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I call it Magic Gate to the Underworld (made by myself :coolthumbup: ).

It's still a tradition of R* games to put this in a GTA game.

In GTA 3 you had to fly a dodo to Stauton Island (wich is pretty hard to do)

and than land inside the stadion.

form there you have to walk to one of the corners and wait untill you felt through the ground.

In GTA Vice City you had to use the skimmer and fly up and down to increase speed and than you could enter "El Banco Corrupto" through the rooftop and when you are underneath just pull up to fly under whole Vice City.

(which is also pretty hard becourse the rooftop was beyond the flying height limit)

Than in San Andreas: just walk into it :cigar:

come on R* that's the most easy way.

No problem?

well there is one:

the problem is that it only takes a few seconds untill you get spawned back on the ground when you jump into it.

and the hole is to small to get an aircraft or helicopter into it.

But: it fit's a jet pack :w00t:

than you can fly underground the city off San Andreas.

*some had the idea that Marco Blistro mission that spawned somewhere in the ocean, could be somewhere inside Mount Chillad.

Well you can now check it four yourselve :hi: )

i'm sorry i can't make a picture from the underground becourse you don't have sollid ground to stand on, that you need to make a picture with the camera.

(maybe one of my colleagues can take care of that)

This picture contains the hidden Pay 'n Spray aka. Magic Gate to the Underworld


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I found Liberty City again you know, since I said ages ago I'd find it using my map tool... Anyway Liberty City, not that there's much of it is located under western Los Santos. Along with some other stuff down there. Also has anyone been to Spike's crypt (Buffy), it exists.

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If you want to access Liberty City again, (you can just see the hill up to Marcos Bistro and I little of Portland View) you need the Gameshark/AR2/ARMax cheat for unlimited jetpack height. Enter that cheat and turn the game on. Go into the Ganton Gym and kill all people in there. Go and face the wall with the door on it (Behind the gym bags) and enter the spawn jetpack code (< > L1+L2+R1+R2 /\ \/ < >) and turn so you're facing the US flag on the wall. Walk to it about 2 steps and then thrust upwards. You will fly above the gym into nothingness. Pause the game and zoom the map. From where your guy is, go to the East Beach main road. Put a target there and fly there. Once you're over the marker, thrust down with square. You'll land on the reflective surface. Go foward a little until you see a little marker. Take off the pack and you'll get to a warehouse with no roof. Enter the jetpack code and fly upwards. Pause again and move the marker to the grassy area in Vinewood that's right next to Richman and Rodeo. Unpause and go up far (Hold X for about 1 minute) then turn CJ sideways. Thrust with R2 to the marker. The screen will be a weird color (depending on the time in the game) The hill will start to fade in. Be sure to bring a camera. Anyway, the only solid part is thewhole hill and the four way intersection. Into Hepburn, Chinatown, Portland View, will drop you to Earth. None of the buildings besides the bistro are solid. IF you want a video on this, go to EdisonCarter's site, Maxbot GTA Cheats He is the guy who supplies all those wacky button cheats to GTAForums.

EDIT: Also, in Liberty City's heaven (because it's about 3000m in the air, there's Hyman stadium from Vice City with stadium music. Why this is in the LC Interior, who the hell knows?

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If you think that's everything you're wrong :!: .

There is much more to discover underground Jah* (as how SF-UR DJ Hans Oberlander it would say :thumbsup: ).

For example, have you ever wondered if you could re-enter the underground base of area 69, where you have to hijack the jetpack for the first time.

I cheked several things above ground at the no flying zone, but there is no way to get back into the underground base.

Untill I discoverd the Magic Gate to the Underground aka the Hidden Pay 'n Spray ;) .

First you should have a jetpack and fall into the underground.

Than head to Area 69 (that's quite a trip).

When you get there you'll get a 5 star wanted level as usual, but they can't do you anything becourse you're still underground.

Now how do you get into the underground base?

First you should find something where you can stand on sollid ground.

As you can see on my screenshot I could stand above what i call the control room (or i couldn't make a picture).

Now to enter the base, just let go the jetpack and fall of the solid ground.

and you're spawned into the base.

!!!!Warning!!! when you're in you can't get out, well i haven't found a way yet.

and one more thing, you still have a 5 star wanted level, with cop's crawling everywhere inside.


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I've been doing a little underground research and got into the builinding where you could only get once during a mission.

The name of that mission was "You've had your chips" where you had to destroy some machines insede the factory.

Well after that mission the door is closed and you cant enter it again.

if you want to take a good look at it again, becouse first time you got ther it was a little hot and crowded and you couldn't get a good view at the place.

Ey No Problemo Homes.

This is an 100% legal way to get there (no cheats etc. needed)

first you need to get the jetpack located at the meadow aircarft airfield.

Enter the "Magic Gate to the Underworld" Hidden Pay 'n Spray.

Fly underground to the place where the factory is located (somewhere in White Wood Estates).

fly directly under the factory and you'll be able to fly up inside it.

Well just see it for yourselve :coolthumbup:


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There is also a Underworld gate near Hankypanky point.I was stuck between two cars (they were panicking cuz i fired at them) and i fell through the ground.I spawned in Palmonimo Creek (or something :P ) with the same health.It seems that you dont die,but just get transported.

(off topic: i also once got a Underworld gate in Hidden and Dangerous 1)

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I went there, to the hidden pay n' spray but the door is closed! I went there with my jetpack ready and it won't open.. is this a "Fix" ? I noticed that at the edge of the door I sort of slip into a ditch, but I never fall through as the door is closed on me. I tried to screen shot but my shots always come out pitch black for some reason. If I could figure out where my pictures are saved via camera in game I could do that. :bashhead:

I'll try attaching the pictures here :



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