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Who's your favorate Rappers ?


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Earlier, in 9th grade to be specific I used to follow only rap/hip hop stuff, used to rap in school and do stuff of that sort but later on the stuff got boring. It used to be the same thing in different words either your family or friends getting killed, about gangster,etc. Very few guys have started spitting out tracks which you actually like and want to hear over and over again.

Rap may not be bad but its getting a bit tiresome.

Oh yeah this is one of my favourite recent rap video

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i only listen to one rapper (unless he does a collaboration with other rappers):


i am sorry but what MLL said earlier about only listening to 3 of his songs... mate try listening to the entire marshal mathers lp or songs like "cleaning out my closet" or "8 mile" i know you like "lose yourself" and "mockingbird" i will lend you the albums

But quite a lot of his songs mean something it's like yeah all you other rappers can jibber and jabber on about your hench t.vs and your "fine bitches and phat rides" and "getting your songs on JLB" but he actually raps about REAL LIFE thats what they dont understand!

It's like they're saying "oi! normal people look at our awesome lives that your never gunna achieve! haha fuckers!"

And i am just like well thats great now i feel even better about the fact that my parents have split up and i have to live with my uberly controlling mother who jumps at every opportunity to have a go at me and make me feel inferiour and the fact that i have just moved house into erm... a fucking flat which is further away from my friends who i have spent my entire life with and that i am at 6th form being bitched at by my teachers for getting a U in my computing exam when the teachers dont actually know anything about the subject!

So when i listen to eminem i can actaully just chill and relax and think well if he made it then there's hope for us all

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yeah thats what i'm saying, meaninful lyrics that everyone can relate to not just the insanely rich and famous which is the small minority of the world take he song i am listening to now for example, "stan" mote people can relate to the issues in "stan" than in songs about having 5 sports cars, several "bitches yo" and a big mansion!

i think nickelback some this up pretty well in their song rockstar "well we all just wanna be big rockstarslive in big houses driving 15 cars..." yeah we all want that but are we all gunna get it? no!

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everyone needs to stop arguing over rap being good... rap is good, even if you don't like it. i admit modern rock is good even though i hate it.

and sales are going down due to piracy. and because the amount of people who have rap, it's easier to download it where as some genres would be less popular so there is no-one to download from. and if you don't like rap, don't post! this topic is called 'Who's your favourite rappers' not 'Do you like/hate rap'

Have a nice time listening to what you do like.

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Favorite Rappers


Dr. Dre


Bone Thugs & Harmony

Ice Cube


Young Buck

Buck 50 Family

Lil' Wayne


DJ Screw (R.I.P.)

Bun B

Pimp C (R.I.P.)


Snoop Dogg

The Game

Lil' Wyte

8-Ball & MJG

Rich Boy

Dumb Ass Rappers

50 Cent

Jim Jones

Mike Jones

Paul Wall





Rick Ross

Lloyd Banks

Tony Yayo


DJ Khaled

Lil' Jon

Weird Al Yankovich

Fat Joe

Gorilla Zoe

Yung Joc

Yung Berg

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Not necessarily. It would depend on the rap you like. Look at popular rap songs of now: Low, Pop Bottles, all that. That doens't speak anything about the rapper, but people still enjoy, so they still listen

in the song low. flo rida is talking about a experience he had in a club. and the song was made for the movie step up 2 not for the rappers cd.

and the song pop bottles is about winning a championship game and they enjoy champaigne and girls to celebrate their victory.

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