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where can i find demarest's time vault?


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i'm stuck on demolition man & dildo dodo and i hate both of em so much.. so no thx i'm not even gonna try..

demarest's time vault is the only cheat mod that i knew that can skip missions.. in my case.. damn u F**@#$%& stoopid missions!!..

but the original site it was on http://www.tfads.com/vccode/tools was taken down..

and if i try to download from http://web.archive.org/web/20070509072455/...om/vccode/tools it got stucked on 99.99% and then kaput.. nothing..

so pls pls pretty pls.. anyone with the time vault thingy.. i badly need it!! i do not care about 100% completion or becoming a total cheater..

i just wanna finish the whole damn thing and move on to try other great moddings..

plssssss help me!

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Tips for the Missions:

Demolition Man:

1. Avoid going near Construction workers, If you want you can kill them with RC Blades.

2. Avoid hitting Walls, Ceilings and Scaffolding

3. Be quick and maneuverable as possible

4. If PS2 use R2 & L2 to turn the copter

Dildo Dodo:

1. Aim for the Nearest Corona when starting to fly.

2. Go all the way around the circuit avoiding all Obstacles.

3. Don't take shortcuts

4. Don't go too low on the land

5. Take a break from playing the game by pausing it every now and then.

6. If you go too low or even too high when near a corona it will take a while to get back on track.

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ha ha, i remember demarest from gtaforums, he was a fucking asshole to everyone, he got banned for pissing off the admins i think and since then he seems to have dissapeared completely. dont worry though, because i think i may still have the timevault mod installed on my old pc. i will have a look tomorrow so watch this space...

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