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Gta Tokyo


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Hi there, peeps. I'm new here

Cheers for finding this video and share it out. I knew it someday it will be here.

The main character skin is from the anime, "Lucky Star".

Now the question is, I already found the website that provide this skin mod, the exact mod that was used in the video.

But the question is, how to I apply the skins?

The website: Here

Reference Website: Here and Here This modders are really God.

Credits to the japanese dude.


*P.s.: I will edit this post if the website I posted here is against the forum's rules*

NOTE: The website itself is in japanese. Google translation may help though...

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Wow......thats very..different!

The anime CJ running around, killing pikachu cops, and the anime gangsters following you (i know what that is, ive seen it before, but dont know the name ..perhaps doraemon..it was in a gameboy game)..The mech warriors getting out of the army truck, that looked mad.

If only they had this as a all-in-one installer...with option of uninstalling.

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