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I came across this GTA IV footage


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How can you tell it's fake?

How can you tell it's not ? -_-

I think that's Saints Row because it looks like it and I kinda doubt that's Euphoria in action ... Oh and that guy had in his pocket an AK47 or w/e ... I think R* said big guns/weapons won't magically appear from your pocket ...

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please tell me thats a fake because it looks so shit. I would be dissapointed waiting all this time for gta 4 to be realeased to play that. Did you see how the man walks, his arms and legs movment don't look right aswell. I have never played on Saints Row so i am relying on you guys.

As soon as I saw it for longer, I realized that it couldn't be GTA...

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It's not real gameplay footage. As most of the members said on here that it's from Saintrows, it's not GTA Related. So we know now it's fake.

Thankyou for saying that because i can breath out now.

Dude, was the last ten posts repeating "IT'S FAKE" not quite enough for you, or did you just want to create over-exaggerated drama?

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