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Trashed Hermes


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Check this out: this is the first model i actually release which works ingame!!! I think it turned out pretty nice and it fits alot with the new mod im currently working on. I retextured this before i started working on the sabre turbo... But check it out and be free to comment on it and if you wish for any particular car to be retextured i could do my best to help you out. I take requests but not if it involves changing the DFF until i learn how to do it properly. Well here you go:



Here is a pic of the virgo


For further info visit: www.gtavcdblgee.ucoz.com

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Give them like different cloured panels, not too many variations though.. so it looks like someone's replaced them.... and not got 'em sprayed.

Yea like the car in San Andreas. I thought of doin that too but i only did the boot of the virgo. I need another car i could trash up... I tried perenial... But its not a classic old car and somebody did the walton already...maybe like the oceanic or glandale... but not too many old cars for this mod im making because its based on 1994 actaully and cars should be nice and thats why im usin gta 3 cars to make the game look more futuristic. Il maybe make more trashed cars for fun

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Yes, go to my site and download the SA converted to VC vehicle pack by Silver007 and search through it to find the converted banshee files.

Click my sig.

big daddy...wheres your sig? :angry:

Thats strange... You cant see my sig??? cuz by me ur sig and my sig both show :mellow: ... I dunno but wateva...

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Advertising your website is against the rules, since I see it was for reference I won't mind it.
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