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what is your heritage?


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All the branches of my family tree have been American for at least 4-5 generations (my great-great grandparents). But...

Dad's Dad - English & German (Great-Great Grandfather came to US, had English & German parents, took his mother's surname, so I have a German last name, which pisses people off when I refuse to answer to the Americanized version)

Dad's Mom - German

Mom's Dad - Irish

Mom's Mom - I'm pretty sure English here too. But they have been in the US since long before the Civil War. I'll have to ask her about it today. I haven't called her in a while anyway.

So I call myself American since it's been such a long time since anyone has lived elsewhere.

My wife on the other hand... Her grandmother was the first in her family born in the US. Her grandmother is the youngest, and all of her sisters were born in Sicily. She still speaks Italian fluently, and speaks it when talking to her sisters on the phone. (I love going over there for food). The rest of her family is like mine. Some English, German, & Irish thrown in, but at least 4 generations back.

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