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Do you play guitar or bass, wanna talk about techniches or gear? here is the place..:)

I play guitar and bass, I have a Shine Stratocaster electric guitar and a Yamaha RBX 270j bass, but soon I'm getting an Ibanez SAS36FM electric guitar.

I'm really having a hard time trying to do pinch harmonics, anyone know any video tutorials?

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neither are more fun than eachother...

way to suck.

if you play bass, its alot easier to get into bands because the demand is high and the skill level needed usually isnt that high.

guitar, its the other way around. there are way to many crappy guitarists and even good ones, so its hard to get into a band even if your good.

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It doesn't just look gorgeous, it sounds gorgeous too..As soon as I started playing, I was like, "Mmmmmm...", I nearly started crying when I had to put it away until Christmas..:(

That Ibanez is pretty nice, I think I saw that model in SoundControl when I was buying my Ibanez..

Cliff Burton was(:() a good bassist, pity he got crushed by a bus..Here's a compilation of solos from him, http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6O9zMnwD65Q&...feature=related

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thats why the world lacks bass solos.

Yeah, that's probably the problem with the popularity of bass. Bass is well used in styles like funk or altern rock, but when it comes to genres like hard rock or metal, the more brutal the less you hear the bass. There are even songs that don't have any bass at all. And in the end, imho guitar solos are waaaay more impressive than the bass ones.

Most of the kids play guitar these days, looking at some bands in my school, people have more problem finding a vocal (and you don't need to know anything to sing) than finding a guitar player, while on the other hand there aren't almost any drummers/bass players so they're happy if they can find anyone, and really anyone.

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I have a Guitar but never really started to play yet -_-

Aperently its a pritty good one too cause it was my dads but he never played it and he thinks i should because its something you can do your whole life, but all i know is that is it an Ibanez.

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So much Ibanez talk in here, lol. My dad used to own one.. twice. The same one. Did have a custom Telecaster (which was really nice).. but now it's down to I think an 80's Japanese Strat and a mid 90's PRS. Beautiful guitars, I don't play them, though. Been meaning to pick up bass for a.. long time now, but unless I'm just handed one I doubt that'll happen.


As you can tell.. old (MODSTICK!)

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I can describe my Bass Guitar but I don't have an actual Picture of it. Like I said I prefer Bass.

My Bass Guitar is black and has a white area underneath the strings. It has a Volume Knob and a Bass Knob which are both Silver. The strings like any normal Bass Guitar are Silver and are metal. The top end of the Bass is Light Wood.

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