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how to intsall vc-mp

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i cant get in vc-mp because it saids This application has failed to start because mss32.dll was not found. Re-indtalling the application may fix this problem i tryed it befour but i did't work how do i get it to work <_<

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On MTA Options, type your desired MTA name, then Choose your Vice City Version (VC Version). Either 1.0 or 1.1, click reset game paths. Make sure you do NOT have ANY mods installed. VC Online requires a Fresh Installation

Then close and re-open MTA and click Servers, then Connect. Most servers require you to register on their servers so, type "/msg register" after "register" type your email address and your desired password.

Then once it has registered your account click "Start Game".

When VC comes up with, Start game or something, do NOT load a saved game. Click "Play Multi Theft Auto" I think it's called.

If that does not work, if it keeps saying "Disconnected!: Suspected Trainer usage." Then re-install Vice City, and then re-install MTA. Make sure you install MTA in your Vice City Root Directory.

Hope this helps. ^_^

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i want to now .i cant find a website because it saids this application has failed to start because mss32.was no found rei-nstallingthe appliceation may fix this problem but i do have mss32.dll what do i do

but i need a hoe to intall vcmm

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Sorry if I bumped this topic.

@ Copman:




^ Stop making multiple topics about VC-MP!

As Lord Voldemort said.

Don't take him wrong about him saying he will suspend you, if you make another topic about it.

I don't blame him.

Making multiple topics AKA SPAM!

TGTAP Forum Rules:

* No Spamming - Pretty obvious, but don't make Spam posts outside of the Fun & Games forum. This includes posts of just a few words, or not relating to the topic in any way, posts containing just smilies, or just random nonsense.

* No Flaming - This includes insulting, racist, sexist or homophobic remarks, and outside of the Warzone forum this is not acceptable.

* No pornography - We like to keep the forums relatively family friendly. Members found posting links to or any pornographic media will be dealt with accordingly

* No warez - Discussion about illegally obtaining copyrighted material is strictly forbidden

* No Multiple Accounts - Unless you have a legit reason for creating another account, you should not be using more than one to post here. Members found using multiple accounts will be disposed of.

* No Advertising - Do not make topics/posts to advertise your website, or worse, advertise by PM'ing other members. Links in your sig are fine.

* No impersonation - Impersonating people such as R* employees, or trying to disguise yourself as another member is not allowed.

At the moment you was braking that rule, by spamming. Do not keep making multiple topics about VC-MP.

You just need patients, I am pretty sure someone will help you.

^ See the 1st rule? Thats what your doing, Spamming by making multiple topics about vc-mp.

VC-MP will not work because of something wrong. Obviously.

As I said, and other members said, download MTA-Vice City. You MUST have a clean installation for MTA. This means you need to backup EVERYTHING if you want to have mods in your game again, after you finisher on MTA. I suggest you do not install any mods.

To get online on MTA, do the following:

Download and Install MTA-Vice City > Install MTA in your Vice City root directory (Normally located in Local Disk C > Program files > Grand Theft Auto Vice City). Once you have installed open up MTA, go to the "options" tab to change the name (MTA Player) to your desired MTA online name. If you have MTA Player in as your name, you will get kicked from servers that don't allow that name.

Once you have done your name, go to the main tab and click "Servers" tab and Connect to a Server.

Now copman, please stop spamming by making multiple topics.

@ Staff: Once again staff of TGTAP, sorry for bumping.

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