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Gangs, Money, Store & Quizzes

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This topic is to outine some of the important questions that get asked a lot about the forum store, gangs and quizzes.

If you do not quite understand anything here, just reply in this topic and someone will help you out.

If you have a question that is not related to this, check other existing topics to make sure it hasn't been answered before.


See Also: Gangs FAQ

  • The gang system is a text-based roleplay system on the forum.
  • Gang wars do not involve online GTA multiplayer (yet)
  • The gang system was created by Chris exclusively for The GTA Place.
  • It is not a downloadable mod for IPB, and it is not for sale.
  • Anybody can join a gang, you just need the permission of the gang's Don (owner)
  • Do not beg gang officers to be accepted into a gang - if you do they are even less likely to let you in
  • You can create a gang if you meet the minimum requirements of 100 posts and 300 days on the forum
  • You can not be in more than one gang at a time. You cannot create a gang if you are already in a gang.
  • The largest gangs have their own private subforums, where they can discuss things in private.
  • If you are not in a particular gang, you can not access their private subforum, and you should not attempt to.
  • Being at "war" with a gang does NOT give you the right to flame them or spread hate.
  • If you are not part of a gang, you can not take part in wars, however you can attack individual members.
  • Gang wars are infrequent, and there are currently two proposals in the work for a replacement gang system.


  • As you post on the forum, you gain forum money in dollars
  • You can also gain money for completing quizzes in the store
  • Forum money can be spent in the Store on weapons, vehicles and property for gang wars
  • You can also spend forum money on other members, for doing favours for you
  • For example, you can pay people in the Graphics & Writer's Pad to design a signature for you
  • This is also a good way for you to earn your own money, by setting up your own shop.
  • You get 5 points for replying to a post, and 10 points for creating a new topic
  • If you are found spamming (creating useless topics/posts) in order to gain money, you will be dealt with by the staff
  • Staff can fine you of points as a punishment for spamming or breaking other forum rules.
  • Do not ask Staff to give you forum dollars, they will not.

Store & Quizzes

  • The store is the place where you can spend your forum dollars
  • The store is currently out of stock, because there are no gang wars approaching
  • You can also take quizzes in the store for fun and to earn money
  • Quizzes are not currently fully working due to technical problems, but you can try them anyway
  • Do not point out that these do not work, as we do already know and are working on it. Do not beg for them to be fixed.

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