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a few car requests

King Cobra

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now these may be "ugly-assed" cars to you and others, but to people including me and others, they aren't "ugly-aseed" cars, they are ok cars that me and others like. and what kind of cars would you like in a request if you made one? state what you would want. one more thing: keep your comments to yourself please. ones like that anyway. i'm being nice now, and i dont wanna start some dumb retarded flame war. i already got enough enemies online, i dont need anymore thanks. and there will be someone who is kind enough to do what i have asked for nicely, it may take a while, but there will be. sometime. and if it's ok, how old are you? just intersted to know. i'm 18.

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Whoah...enough with the hostility guys.

Gamble, all he did was make a request, no need to jump in and start insulting it...

Also, i'll have you know that some of those cars are freaking legendary.

Skyline, Camry... all good.

You'd do well to look here for those mods... They should have at least 3 of them...

EDIT: they have a '97 / 00 camry... 2 of them infact, but no '91 model.

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