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Trailer 3 Released - Move Up, Ladies


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At my personal opinion, i have never rated any game by their graphics. If the story was awsome i didnt mind the graphic. The ones that do rate the game by the graphics, are for me just one of those who got "washed their brains" by the gaiming industry by making games whit sucky story and a good graphics.

Back to GTA 4, graphics are good and if they dont like it, dont play it.


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Fuckin' awesome. Rewatched it a couple of times to let it sink in. I love the part when Niko says "Welcome to America", and now I'm jeleous of Andrew91's sig :P

Everything else is amazing as well, crazy graphics, story wasn't really revealed much but a lot of new characters popped up. I just can't wait for this, too bad no release date yet.

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"The old country"... Sounds just like a Serb! :)

(You guys have no idea how many times I've heard that!)

Haha you always hear that in like shows where people have European parents and stuff pretty funny :P

Anyways yeah, I'm wondering when they'll give us a definite release date so we can find out when the suffering will stop. No info on the multiplayer yet either. Whatever, all in good time...

Edit: Just noticed something in the trailer, remember that blond girl in the second trailer that said "Please, no more killing."? Well I found that when the guy is spazzing at you at about 1:17, you see pictures of him and that blond girl again which is most likely his wife. Doesn't seem that important but just something I noticed, oh and something funny is the guy with no shirt and that's bold has "Mommy" tattooed right below his stomach :lol: Here's the pic of the blond girl:


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