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Trailer 3 love or hate?


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It was russian rap song :)

Incase anybody wants the name, the song is called King Ring by Seryoga... A Russian rapper wannabe. I hate Russian rap because i talk russian and understand their lyrics and i find them complete BULL$HIT. The song is about a boxer which has nuttin to do with IV. But i gotta say it did kinda fit to the trailer which was very very good. One of the first things i noticed was also that Shitzu bike which was very funny

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after watching the trailer a few times, gta IV seems so much more realistic than gta sa, obviously with the enhanced graffics (no doubt), but also with the actual gameplay in itself, there seems to be alot more to actions to use in IV other than shooting people, walking through doors, and climbing over fences, which was still an improvement over vice city, where you had to jump over everything. :P

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