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Secrets and Easter Eggs

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Update - I am the first to discover this secret so i have named it "The devil's chairs at Crannberry Station"

LOCATION -- Inside the Crannberry station, Doherty, San Fierro. (right infront of your garage)

TRICKS TO BE DONE - Go inside the station and you should see the concrete chairs with some taxi service ads on it. Then, try jumping/climbing on any of them and see what happens. Enjoy :)

NOTE - Try climbing on the left or the right side of the chairs and not in the middle.

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Um im not sure if this is an easter egg or glitch or my ps2 just derping but whenever im at that big building at the top of the hill at the end of the long curvy road and i look up at the four palm trees out front people are falling from them, and its usually that one woman with the pigtails and the red bathing suit on... if not then its the lady with the buret and the sports shirt on. My disc is pretty scratched up from the years but usually nothing that weird happens. Can someone else check it out?

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