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Secrets and Easter Eggs


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i heard theres a cluckin bell called cluckchin bell instead and does anyone beileve in bigfoot or leather face? bigfoot is in V1 of the game as he was originaly in it but the guy who put it in was threatened by his boss to take it out or he will get fired so he did keep it in BUT he made it harder to find. later it was removed and the guy still had his job :)

ok heres an awsome glitch!!alright go too the safe house in las venturas between the golf course and millie yours gf's house and go inside and use double jump chat and face the door and jump up.. u will already be in a glitch but theres is more! turn around so u can see the house and go too the right and theres is a black area u can jump down but I recommend u use a jetpack and float down because unless u have max health u might die. once ur at the bottem turn and look too your right tand there will be a glitch city! its a whole new town will bits and pieces from tons 0f building from the rest of the game!! anyways explore! oh and if u go way far doen one of the streets u will find a door.. its just a door.. no house just a floating door. if u go inside u will end up in that generals house that u steal shit from in the ryder missions. but once u leave u will be back in san andreas and if u check the map u wont be where it says u areThe glitch city was founded by me so Im calling it "Convict City!" enjoy!
This is the city you mean?
wow convict cit looks more like Liberty City "a great place to leave!" :)
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Also in some of the stores they have some Bitch'n dog foods cans which is from GTA3
hey i aint ever noticed dat wot stores plz reply:ph34r:
Very nice finds there, I never noticed Beta Sweet or the Ingame Screenshots in the game, although I think that Candy Suxxx poster can be found in other places too.
ye dey can like in sex shops i fink lol naaa on da floor near dumpsters deres 1 i fink :ph34r:
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This is actually a glitch rather than an easter egg, but when I was filming the fourth episode of Anglerfish I stumbled upon an unsolid piece of ground on Mount Chilliad and I had to film a scene four times because the Rhinos kept pushing CJ into the glitch.


And when I fell in...



yo if dats a glitch don't write it on easter eggs it makes people peed off coz dey r lukin for easter eggs not glitches doh dat iz pretty cool

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OK!. lissen carefully....

there is no bigfoot in gta sa. if there were R would have sad yes.. ive found this wiki. they have sent a e mail to R and asking if it were a big foot

"Shortly after the release of the game, several message boards sprouted claims of alleged Bigfoot sightings, and several photographs were released, none of which have been proven to be real. Rockstar addressed the rumor saying that there is not a Bigfoot in the game, and in an article in Electronic Gaming Monthly January 2005 edition, Rockstar CEO Terry Donovan is quoted as saying, "There is no bigfoot, just like in real life."

And then we have the chainsaw massacre


.as u can see this is cj.............................................................this is cj............................and this is a drawn picture of "big foot"

One of the most persistent myths of San Andreas, is the romours of Leatherface excisting as a non-mission character in the game. There has been several claims of players to have met him in the woods or in a cabin, but no pictures has proven this, and no recepies on how to make it happen has worked. I myself cheated up a thunderstorm, and stood immovable in a cabin in the Panopticon, and waited a full week (game time) for this grim creature to arrive. And I sat in front of my computer screen, listening for deviant sounds from the woods, like chainsaw rattle, screams, footsteps, and stared my eyes dry. Boy, it feels kinda stupid afterwards, but I guess, one choose to believe, as one wants to believe. And in this case, I have done hours upon hours of research, travelling the Badlands by foot, running around in the woods of San Andreas, and reading the numerous forums on the net, in my brave hunt for Leatherface, finding noone.the least alike such a creature.

The only true myth the Shark

even i have seen this in the game. but its not true that it wil eat u, the shark is looking like this.


some one though that the dolphin was the shark. but..... ERHH WRONG!!!

And then we have the most dumb myth in gta`s history "UFO`s"

ill start with this picture.....


this picture is made with photoshop... ive made many of UFO pics my self, really funny to scear some freinds xD

The Ufo myth IS BUSTED!!!!!!

The list of myths "Buster or Real":

• Bigfoot(BUSTED)


• Piggsy (from the R* game "Manhunt") (BUSTED)

• Dinosaurs (BUSTED)

• Leatherface ("The Texas chainsaw massacre") (BUSTED)

• A sea monster (BUSTED)

• Ed Gein (the killer TTCM was based on) (BUSTED)

• Animals(BUSTED)

• Jaws(REAL)

• A secret island (BUSTED)

• Ghost cars(REAL)

• An underwater world(black hell) (REAL)

• The ghost of CJ's mother (BUSTED)

• Ghost graffiti (REAL)

• The Epsilon cult (BUSTED)

• Blue Hell (REAL)

There u have the completed list....

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FINAlLY SOME1 DONE THE FAKE THINGS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THAT BIGFOOT SEARCHERS!!!!!! thanks a lot 4 posting this.

Np BartMan. ive searched for al the myths for years. and most of them are fake

What i mean was that finally someone with experience, had the necesary proofs to prove that some myths are TOTALLY FAKE and what myths were REAL.

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Here's a few minor secrets I've come across while playing the game...

- If you return to Colonel Fuhrberger's house after the burglary with Ryder, he now has a small cannon on the floor pointing at the door.

- It's possible to do a Stoppie that can last as long as you want...

- You may have or heard or seen for yourself the Lemmings-like behavior of people off the roof of the Emerald Isle building where they jump off the roof. But did you know if you're positioned in just the right place, you can actually see the odd person jump UP to the roof before walking off again??? I'ts rare, but I've seen it a number of times.

These are just a few of the smaller things I've noted. There are others that I haven't seen anyone else mention but I would rather upload the file I've created rather than spill them all here. If anyone's interested, I'll do that but not before!

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I got something too on the disc of san andreas for the PS2. With the download from this page [from the gta place of course :P ].

I've looked to the texture files on the disc and what I saw were Images from Vice City!

When you take this path in your browser when the gta-san andreas disc is inserted: D:\Models\TXD\Splash1.txd and Splash2.txd. I don't know why rockstar put these images on the disc, but they are no use to the whole game! <_<


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#16 - Lil' Probe Inn:

This UFO based bar is a spoof on a real life bar called the Lil' Ale Inn in

Rachel, Nevada. The bar also contains the Mysterious Map, which is an

unexplained map of San Andreas that pinpoints certain locations in San

Andreas. It can be found at the very back of Lil' Probe Inn near the office

desk or in Toreno's cabin. If you investigate more you will find many of the

locations have landmarks that have references to the local history. An example

is the Las Venturas stadium where a lot of hippies died in the sixties after

choking on toads.

Wheelman can i ask you where did you got that infromation, or at least if they all are listed on the net? I would love to read them for other marked spaces.


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