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2 versions of gta?


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Just so we're clear, the following is in context of multiple installs on the same machine w/ a proper PLAY disc.

You need enough hard drive space to install twice & you'll have to manually swap your save files from your SA USER folder

(different scripts) to a separate folder.

I THINK you can copy your game to another folder & make a shortcut to SA.EXE. Rename the shortcut & put it on your

desktop. I did something like this when I was modding VC, 1 VC to play & 1 to test mods. Since they used the same script

they shared the save file okay.

I have a co-ords mod on SA & when I put my disk in autoplay pulls up the SA menu from the disk. I can launch SA from

there just fine & it plays w/out the co-ords mod, both EXEs get along.

I would say yes, but I haven't tried it myself on SA. You may have to experiment a little, so make sure you back up your

DATA & MODELS folders (if modded).

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I did this, but... i had 2 hard drives, (1 for games, 1 for all else)

I just took the (needlessly long ) measure of doing installs on separate HD's ( disconnecting one, so that the install wasn't recognized ) , then just moved the install onto the other hard drive...

Effort. It's easier just to copy & paste the whole directory.

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