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Help please.


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I have install San Andreas on my PC, but i always play on PS2, I need to know the controls to configurate my joypad for the PC exactly like the PS2. Thanks.

I´ve finished the game on my PS2 about 1 year ago and know it´s broken. I would like to play it on my PC but the configuration of the joypad as a lot of comands and i dont remember the controls of the PS2...

Thanks for anyone who helps.:)

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WSAD for movement (like cs) although ive configured that to the arrows

hold shift to sprint

spacebar = jump

capslock = start sub-mission (eg vigilante) (maybe number 2 (above W) is vehicle sub mission)

tab - show stats

click mouse left button = fire

click mouse right button = aiming

r = change radio station

i think g and h - one of these is recruit gang members one is tell gang members to leave

v = change camera view

numpad 2 4 6 8 = tilt helicopter down left up right

w and s = while on motorbike lean forward or backward

in menu's shift = advance (like X) and enter = back (like /_\)

left alt in car = nos

ctrl on keyboard is shoot i think (left ctrl)

h in car is hydraulics also use numpad 2 4 6 8

the first few (F1 F2 F3) are view replay save replay something like that

Thats pretty much all the controls you need to know for most things

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