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Game Crashes


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HI, im new to this forum. i have recently been moding my vehicles for vice city. i saw a cool mod with the nude stripper. i already had mods installed on my game before the stripper one. after installing the stripper one my game began to crash. backing up the stripper files didnt help tho. so i backed up my complete gta file (where you install mods with the img explorer.) my game was working fine with all the normal vehicles, but now everytime i install ANY vehicle mod and i try to play my game begins to load and right before the bar is filled my game crashes to my desktop. no errors pop up it just closes out. i tried reinstalling and then adding the mods but still same thing happens. and as soon as i back up my gta file and try to play it works fine. any idea of what my problem is?

I Have Tried

1. checking and unchecking the read only on the gta files.

2. getting new mods.

3. reinstalling.

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Tell you the truth, exactly the same thing happened to me. Except i didnt put a stripper mod

I had all my vehicle mods etc all working fine

Then I stopped playing for a while, cos I was playing PS2

Then i went to play it again, and it loaded to like 75% then crashed. I tried "new game" and it crashed as well

I went to my backup directory (when i installed, i made a copy of the whole folder to another spot on my c drive) then tried to open that, and EXACTLY the same thing happened. So I dunno...I had some cool mods on that, Im sorta cut it stopped working..I hadnt done anything to it since it was last working..

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wrx, if i figure it out ill be sure to let you know how to fix it. hopefully i do figure it out. gl with yours

EDIT: ok guys i fixed it. for some reason the version of img explorer was messing up. i just got the latest one. try that out wrx. ty for anyothers trying to help

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Well, I guess you're fucked then. Sorry.

thanks... -_-

basically heres a vid of what happens


the end of it is where i go back to my desktop

Glad that you fixed your problem.

i need a completely full video so that i can see the game crashes when loading the game

after i watched it suddenly stop...

If your talking about his uploaded video, he said he fixed it. ;)

Why would you need a full video? :huh:

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