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Liberty City Stories gangs

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Gang Name: Leone Family

Territory: Saint Mark's, Atlantic Quays, Red Light District, Hepburn Heights, Chinatown

Weapon: 9mm Pistol

Leader: Salvatore Leone

Enemies: Sindaccos, Triads, Diablos, Columbian Cartel, Forellis

Origin: Italian

Gang Name: Sindacco Family

Territory: Red Light District, Chinatown, Hepburn Heights, Torrington

Weapon: 9mm Pistol

Leader: Paulie Sindacco

Enemies: Leones, Forellis, Yardies

Origin: Italian

Gang Name: Forelli Family

Territory: Fort Staunton, Newport, Bellevile Park, Witchita Heights

Weapon: 9mm Pistol

Leader: Franco Forelli

Enemies: Sindaccos, Yardies, Yakuza, Southside Hoods

Origin: Italian

Gang Name: Triads

Territory: Chinatown

Weapon: Meat Cleaver, 9mm Pistol

Leader: Unknown Name

Enemies: Leones

Origin: Chinese

Gang Name: Diablos

Territory: Hepburn Heights

Weapon: Fire Axe, Baseball Bat

Leader: El Burro (not mentioned)

Enemies: Leones

Origin: Puerto Rican

Gang Name: Portland Bikers

Territory: Portland Island

Weapon: Uzi, Tec-9

Leader: Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay

Enemies: None

Origin: Caucasian

Gang Name: Yardies

Territory: Newport

Weapon: Baseball Bat, 9mm Pistol

Leader: King Courtney (not mentioned)

Enemies: Forellis, Sindaccos

Origin: Jamacian

Gang Name: Yakuza

Territory: Bellevile Park, Torrington, Aspatria, Liberty Campus, Pike Creek

Weapon: 9mm Pistol

Leader: Kazuki Kasen

Enemies: Forellis

Origin: Japanese

Gang Name: Columbian Cartel

Terriotry: Cedar Grove, Francis Int. Aiport

Weapon: 9mm Pistol, Uzi

Leader: Miguel

Enemies: Leones

Origin: Columbian

Gang Name: Southside Hoods

Territory: Witchita Gardens

Weapon: 9mm Pistol, Uzi

Leader: Unknown

Enemies: Forellis

Origin: African

Gang Name: Sicilian Mafia

Territory: Liberty City

Weapon: Various

Leader: Massimo Torini

Enemies: Leones

Origin: Italian

Gang Name: Avenging Angels

Territory: Liberty City

Weapon: Various

Leader: None

Enemies: Car Jacking gangs, Biker gangs

Origin: Various

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To be honest, why the hell would you make another topic up when most of the 'Right Stuff' is in the other topic that Rashon posted? And this is way boring, there's no images, no explanation. To me, this is plain crap. If you can, why not post in that topic and tell Rashon what is wrong, therefore he can correct it. We can't have 2 topics of the same subject.

Next time round, make something that's not been made before hand.


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