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Triple Hacker

Whats your fave gun in Vice City, and why?

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Guest thomasianos

sniper :

1 a shot on a heli and he is down

2 a shot on a human and he is die

( anybody that says that" you cannot "shot a heli with 1 sniper bullet )

most sent me a e-mail on thegtaplace.com !!

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I'm just a noob in modding vice city ...but i found out how to mod the weapons and my favorites are the mac10 with a clip capacity of 750 :clapping: + it fires with the speed of a minigun :thumbsup:! i also like the kruger with 500 clip cap. :thumbsup: and minigun speed :w00t: !! these 2 weapons also have a damage of 150 so they're better than the m60 which has 130 damage (but all these thing can be changed) :bleh: !! ...so, vice city roolz :hi: ! :coolthumbup:

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My all time favorite is Minigun(spawned by cheat).if not using a cheat,i'd prefer Ruger..it kills instantly!no second shots!btw,got till 6 stars of wanted level just by using Ruger..cool!

katana-to cut off peoples heads

chainsaw-just to see the blood splash on the tv

colt python-one hitter quiter

spaz 12-rapid fire = easy car explosions :thumbsup:

all sub machines-either way your doing a drive by :lolbounce:

M60-simply bcuz its pwns all :hurrhurr:

psg1 laser sniper-secret agent man :ph34r:

oh yeah!love katana and chainsaw though..love to see those blood dripping non-stop.especially the chainsaw.those blood all spread across the screen!

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