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Claude Speed


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I know this is sort of late posting this but i'm just posting it for other peoples benefit.

After playing San Andreas we learn that GTA3 Guy's real name is Claude through meeting him via Catalina, also returning from GTA3. Now the guy you played as in GTA2 was called Claude Speed so from this we can deduce he is in fact the same person.

So just to clarify, we can now safely never need to refer to him as 'Fido' again, GTA3 Guy wasn't a particularly clever name either, but anyway, I'm just glad he has a name like the rest of us.

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I really hate bumping threads, but since the GTA III forum is like a ghost town, i guess it's ok right?

Anyway, has anyone thought of his name actually being Fido? I've met someone named Fido a long time ago, though he is refered as Claude, maybe he's Claude Fido?

Looks like a dim chance, but untill R* decides to bring a next episode for GTA III and unveil his true identity, he's just "that guy from GTA III who we think is Claude Speed"

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