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chased by a girlfriend ?


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Yes, it happens every so often:

It's really funny. :)

Katie, Barbara, and Michelle can all be obtained as girlfriends from the very beginning of the game, meaning you’ll have to obtain a 4-Star Wanted level by going into locked areas to get them.

Here’s the funny part: I took Denise on a date shortly after Burning Desire, and Barbara showed up as the jealous girlfriend.

Barbara had supposedly managed to get across into Los Santos, even though all of the bridges were still blocked. She showed up in a Police Rancher; I’m assuming it was supposed to be hers, the one that’s parked in front of the Police Station in El Quebrados.

So how did she get it into Los Santos?

I know that the programmers probably didn’t anticipate anyone obtaining Barbara that early in the game, and that’s why they have her showing up in the Rancher, but it was still funny. :P

NO CHEATS and No Mods were used.

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Lol cheats.

It happened for me on my first date with....... millie, i took her to the steakhouse near where she lives, so i can do "Breaking the bank at caligula's" , Then, as soon as i exited, Denise hunted me down in her Hustler. I was in some random shitty car, so she pwnt me, but i redid the date, figuring it would happen again, so approached in a Cheetah, and sure enough, she chased me, but, i got away. :D

CJ, you playa.

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