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what the fuck?


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This may sound like a stupid question but are you sure the mods are for GTA 3?

Not so stupid of a question.

GTA3.IMG is the default name of the IMG file for GTA3, VC & SA (& probably others). It can be a little confusing at first.

sebboman - It sounds like your game runs okay otherwise, so I would guess you're either running V1 or downgraded.

Hi_VoLtAgE might have something w/ his other questions.

BTW, welcome & enjoy.

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You make me lol! HAHAHA! I have never downgraded my GTA:SA!!!!! I may be weak, but always brave!

You're an idiot. There's no way you can mod the game on V2 unless you downgrade, or there's no point. Also, God help you if you think downgrading is scary. I mean, why would you be brave? It's not like it's going to be the end of life if you downgrade. Just downgrade and mod. It's all simple. If the mod fucks up, then there's always the alternative which is Reinstall.

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.... You guys ever thought of REPLACING THE MODELS instead of just adding them?

For example instead of pressing replace, you delete the original car .dff and .txd and replace them with the modded ones..

Remember to back the gta3.img. And i think .dff and .txd files are all you need... wtf are u guys talking about some SAMI files??

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