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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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Dudes! Did this thread die or somthing? Or are we just not interested in San Andreas anymore?


Wear Flowers in your hair,

555 We-Tip,



Snail Trail,

Ice Cold Killa,

Zeroing in (I think),

Test Drive,

Custom Fast Track,

Puncture wounds.

Which geological feture in California shares its name with this game? (say the full name of it)

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The acctual answr:

Ten Green Bottles


The Craw Bar


How many gards patroll Mad Doggs Mansion in the mission"Mad Doggs Rhymes"?

Six guards

When can you buy Wang Cars?

When you pass your driving test.

(don't let this topic die!)

What ais the first sentence spoken by CJ in the entire game? (exact answer plox.)

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whitch of these is a car on the import/export board

A. Zr-350







(afther all the missions have been complteted to fill the abandon air strip) How many planes and helicopters are at the abandon air strip??


2 helicopters

After you complete the import/Export

What are all the bonus vehicles you can buy and their price

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