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Grand Theft Auto: SA Trivia!


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Actually, the objective is to take Sweet from the prison and kill the hoodlums in the Grove.What you said was 'A Home in the Hills'.

F, it's over it.

Q: What is the name of the bar in Ganton, close to Denise's house? [easy one]

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Nick I doubt you do know the answer yourself.I dunno who will count them all, but I know I'm not one of them.

Won't say the exact number, I'll only tell where you can find:

~At most Gas Stations

~Inside all 24/7s

~Unity Station

~Inside Jefferson Motel

~Train Station in Doherty

~Ten Green Bottle bar

And I think MANY other places, impossible to know exact.

Now I could ask you all how many snack vending machines are there in the entire game, but I won't.

Just to annoy Pedro a bit, complete the sentence:

I'_ a _e_l _r_ss_d _an_a_, _oo_!

HINT: CJ, Battle cry, Asylum

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Eh... dunno all the missions, I'll give only one example for each.

First it's Catalina and Claude in 'Farewell my love' [i think, don't remember]

Then it's Rosenberg and Paul in Don Peyote, also these two along with Salvatore and Maria in 'Freefall'.

Also we have Dwayne and Jethro in 'Wear flowers in your hair'.

Doubt I missed someone.

T/F: The Walton in the mission 'Madd Dogg' is bulletproof.

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